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Learn the art and craft of Japanese woodblock printing in one weekend

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Japanese woodblock printmaking uses watercolor


On top of learning how to make better prints, I truly appreciated Charles' instruction skills!
He progressed through the concepts so logically and clearly and managed our time, needs, and materials so well. And I liked that he had us being more social than in average classes.
Jennifer Z
Artist, Palo Alto, CA
The session was so well organized and executed. Covering a brief history of printmaking, the fundamentals of image design, and technical demonstrations made it an enriching experience. There was never a dull moment, yet I did not feel rushed. It was an exciting, inspiring, social, and gratifying time with Charles"
Jane W.
Artist, Carmel, CA

Select Student Work: Beginning Watercolor Woodblock

Block Paper Print’s live online courses give you the one-to-one interaction of in-person classes, plus the added benefit of learning in your own space. No matter your skill level as an artist, each lesson helps you expand your skillset, even if you make art for 25 minutes a day. Then, as you refine your process, you’ll love the experience of hand-making prints without worrying about the result.
Pulling reduction linocut print
Reduction Linocut Class Screenshot

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