Always Print On-Register By Making Flats For Your Blocks

Pulling a fresh print only to realize that the text is backward or the colors are off-register is a right of passage for all printmakers. It’s discouraging when it happens, but it teaches us to take better care when transferring our sketches onto lino and woodblocks.

My students make flats for every print to ensure the text is carved in reverse and their colors correctly align with the key-block.

In this Video, you’ll learn:

  • Why your sketch, flats, and print should all be the same paper size
  • How to register your flat on the block
  • How to quickly tell between the front and back of your flat
  • The best materials for making flats
  • 06:00 Why you should register flats like printing paper
  • 07:00 Why cross-referencing flats is important

Here's what you need to make flats