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Choosing the right supplies can be overwhelming. Block Paper Print’s shop curates proven tools so you can love the experience hand-making prints.
Block Paper Print provides courses, coaching, and supplies that clarify every aspect of printmaking so people can understand how to make better prints.

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Charles Woodruff Coates

Too many artists are held back by confusing printmaking processes. Block Paper Print provides courses, supplies, and coaching so you can focus on being creative and love the experience of making prints. When people have the knowledge and tools to hand-make prints, they can make art that affects real change.


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Block Paper Print’s live online courses give you the one-to-one interaction of in-person classes, plus the added benefit of learning in your own space. No matter your skill level as an artist, each lesson helps you expand your skillset, even if you make art for 25 minutes a day. Then, as you refine your process, you’ll love the experience of hand-making prints without worrying about the result.

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