How does a double-sided linocut block best serve you?

I know that single-sided linocut blocks like Battleship Grey Linoleum, while popular, is one-sided and expensive. That’s why I only recommend double-sided Japanese Vinyl as a linocut substrate. 

Imagine how much money and space you can save by using blocks that are double-sided. 

When you carve on a Japanese Vinyl Linocut Block, you can use both the blue side and the green side. The grey interior helps you track your progress and keeps you from accidentally splitting your block in two. . 

Imagine using one side to print the key image, then immediately flipping the block over to the other side to print the color flat.  

Fast and easy, right?

Add the Japanese Vinyl Linocut Blocks to you cart and try them for your exit project. 

When you work with high-quality blocks, every step is easier and you bring integrity to your craft. 

Here’s to making better prints.

Charles Woodruff Coates,

Artist and Coach, Block Paper Print.